CryoBackIf you’re looking for a seriously powerful treatment, look no further: CRYO NO HANDS is it!

CRYO NO HANDS combines the powerful therapeutic benefits of both medical-quality cryotherapy with the wonders of “gentle giant” that is NO HANDS Massage.  The cryo exposes specific areas of the body to extremely cold temperatures and the body responds by driving increased levels of blood flow to the treatment area, promoting faster recovery & repair.

Cryo alone offers instant pain relief and has been shown to have significant benefit for a whole range of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, gout. It can also help significantly reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), increase muscle strength and reduce recovery time through stimulating tissue healing and regeneration.

However, the combination of CRYO with NO HANDS Massage has been even more of hit with serious sports people and those with serious and chronic illnesses due to the incredible soothing and hypnotic impact of the NO HANDS taking the treatment to another level entirely.

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